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Online Business
About Online Business transactions
Why is it safe and secure?

Know Your Rights
Online consumers have exactly the same rights as offline consumers. The goods should fit the product description and be as satisfactory as described online. If something goes wrong with your purchase, there are actions you can take with the shop, and your bank to fix the problem.

Keep a record of everything
Once you have made an online purchase, you will receive an email confirmation and an order reference number. Print these out and keep a note of any reference numbers provided during the transaction. It would also be useful to print out the details of the product or service you ordered. This will include vital information such as the web address, date and time it was printed. If you can not print out the information, then save the page in a folder on your PC for reference.


Do you produce the FF10™Showcar™ yourself?
Yes, we are not resellers.

Where do you produce the FF10™Showcars™?
European Union

How long delivery times do you calculate?
Please see our pricing page for delivery times for the actual model.

I would like to see your product in person where would that be possible?
We don't keep cars on stock, we work on order! However in a lucky situation you can see a car in our workshop during development. Please contact us and we will let you know. Be prepared for a trip to Europe.

I need more pictures about the FF10™Showcar™
There are at least 200 different images about our cars on our website; you are free to print out any of them to your presentations.

Is there any problem to import the car to my country?
This is a toy car, not a real car (game console); none of our customers had any problem to import it.

What is the difference between yours and the other companies' products?
We have years of experience and worldwide, first class references. We know everything we have to know to build inexpensive, reliable and first class products. All of our cars are Computer Designed, Robot milled products and made out of high quality materials by the best engineers of the industry for ultimate precision. Do not let foo you by bottomline suppliers who maybe create you a car looking sculpture with imprecision, fragile or too heavy materials.

Do you sell bodywork kits only?
No, we sell only fully assembled cars.

Do you sale the motion platform only?
No, we sell only fully assembled cars.

Do you have new cars on stock?
No, we don't keep cars on stock, we work on order.

How many different color schemes do you have?
We work on order and any color scheme is available.

Technical Questions

I would like to know more information about the simulation software!
We can supply you rFactor www.rfactor.net or PlayStation4 www.playstation.com to the car. The PlayStation for home use only, the rFactor has commercial license.

Can I get every year new tracks and cars to the simulator?
Yes, you can download it from rfactor.net or buy new software to PlayStation.

Can the simulator be networked to other identical simulators?

What is the power requirement for the simulator unit?
We can supply you the cars with any voltage, please let us know your country's requirements!

Can the simulator be set up to race different laps?

What are the min and max dimensions for users to reach pedals etc?
Approximately between 140 cm – 200 cm. The pedal and seat position is adjustable.

Can you confirm that the steering wheel has force feedback?
Yes, it has force feedback.

What type of speakers built into the car?
4.1 Surround Sound System.

Are the tires on these cars real tires or sculptured from the fiberglass mould?
Real racing tires.

Are the pedals adjustable for different sizes?
Yes, the pedal and the seat position is also adjustable!

Can I get a bigger screen to the car instead of the standard 22" LCD monitor?
Yes you can, it is very simple to calculate: please deduct 200 USD from the FF10™Showcar™'s list price (this is the 22" LCD price) and add your preferred screen's / device's price to the car. We don't charge any extra above standard market prices.

Can you provide me the length, width and weight of the car?
Please see our price information page!

Does front nose cone come off for transporting?
Yes, it comes of from the car and the length. You also can remove the rear wings and the wheels. The smallest car size could be around 4.3 m long and 1,5 wide.

How high is the car from the ground?
About 8 cm, the ride height is adjustable!

How realistic is the motion simulation? Does it apply simulated g forces in all directions? (Acceleration, braking, bumps, steering wheel feedback, skids, crashes, under steer, over steer, body roll etc.)
Yes, it is very precise, and life-like! Please check out our product page for videos and further description.

Can routine maintenance be performed by myself on the motion simulator?
Yes, you can do it easily on your own, very simple.

How much does routine maintenance cost?
The maintenance of a standard simulator car is inexpensive. The only part can be damaged is the steering wheel, and it's value is around US$250 (you can replace it from the nearest supermarket, it is a Worldwide supported Logitech brand). Normally you need to clean the car only. The motion simulator's maintenance cost is also inexpensive, you need to lubricate the joints.

Can I get a different motion-platform to the simulator?
We don't recommend you any change on the motion simulator, because it is just perfect!

Can the FF10™Showcar™ standard be upgraded later on to a motion simulator?
Yes, please deduct the standard simulator's price from the motion simulator and you need to pay only the difference for the upgrade, and of course return the car to the workshop.


How is the service and warranty on FF10™Showcar™ Motion Simulator?
One year warranty and technical assistance. You do not need to worry about afterwards either. This is an extremely reliable system and also inexpensive to replace any component if needed. You only need to lubricate the joints sometimes.

Do you have technical assistance during installation?
The installation of the FF10™Showcar™ is very simple, and does not require special skills. Anyone can do it who is able to turn on a PlayStation or PC. You also have free phone and email assistance, and of course we are pleased to assist you onsite (travel expenses shall be paid)!

Pricing - Payment - Sales

What is the price for a fully painted and decaled car?
Please go to our pricing page. The prices include all painting and decaling costs.

What included in the price of the FF10™Showcar™?
Please see our pricing page for features and specifications.

Is there any hidden or extra cost if I order a product from you?
No, there are no hidden costs; you get what you order according to its product descriptions. We would like to make you happy with our products, because we believe a satisfied customer is the best advertising for us! So there are no hidden or extra costs, you need to pay only for the product itself + the exact shipping costs.

What the payment conditions are?
Please see our pricing page for details!

Can you price it in my Currency?
Please go to our pricing page and use the currency converter or go to www.xe.com

What should be your best price for these products?
The price of an FF10™Showcar product is final, exactly what you see on our pricing page.

Does your price include VAT?
No, it is a net price without any taxes. We don't charge anything extra for you, you need to arrange it locally in your home country.

How much is a plain FF10™Showcar™ costs without painting, simulator and decals?
Please see our pricing page!

Can you give a price on a 1:1 nose cone?
Please see our pricing page!

Are you selling steering wheels?
No, we don't have steering wheels for sale separately from our cars.

Can you give me the complete list of your show cars?
Please go to our pricing page, and you can see all available products by scrolling the page down.

Could you send me a doc with prices and pictures?
We don't deal with paper brochures, please feel free to print out any of our web pages with our up to date price information page.

Have you already sold cars to my country?
We already sold cars to Europe, Asia, Middle East, USA, Latin America, so we have references globally.


The FF10™Showcar™ transport
You have to finance the transport cost separately. Below Transport time estimates only based on our experiences (this is your extra cost).

Transportation time frame
By road within Europe: 1 week
Sea freight Worldwide: 4 weeks
Air freight Worldwide: 1 week theoretically anywhere on the Earth, please add about 100% extra above sea freight prices.

Of course we can help you with the shipping and handling. Following your order we give you an accurate quote. Prior FF10™Showcar™ order please use above estimation or ask a quote from your preferred shipping company on your own (we can not give you more precise estimation because a fully accurate price depends on the exact date and hour of transportation).

You can use the following parameters for asking a shipping quote from your shipping company. Crated Car dimensions:
Width: 2.2 m
Length: 5.7 m
Height: 1.3 m (motion simulator 1.8 m)
Weight: approx 800 kg for motion simulator Weight: approx 500 kg for show car only

Pickup location:
European Union

What do most people use to transport it from event to event?
Most people use regular car transporter trailers or small trucks.


Can I rent an FF10™Showcar™ from you?
No, we don't rent cars. We are focusing only on the production.


Can I become an FF10™Showcar™ affiliate in my country?
Yes, it is free to join and you can become an affiliate from any country. No exclusivity to any country! Please contact us for more details.

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